Delivering a free lesson video to the developing countries for music education

Have you every heard of “EL SISTEMA”?

It is a social movement of music started by Dr. José Antonio Abreu Anselmi in Venezuela. Since they are committed to developing life skills in children “through music”, youth crime rate in Venezuela dramatically dropped as well as allowing many children to have more independent future.

It is difficult for someone living in developed country like Japan to imagine what it is like to have poverty. Once, Dr. José Antonio Abreu Anselmi said;


“Poverty is not just the lack of a roof or bread, It is also a spiritual lack aloneliness and lack of recognition. ”


We truly hope to fulfill their heart by creating the opportunity for them to meet the music, and once they do, they can have one step forward for their life which connects to support them to have social independence in the future.

From some of our profit, we will committee to support their societal and psychological independence by delivering a free lesson video.