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There are variety of artists, that is why we would like to guarantee the quality of the artists when you need them.

Have you ever worried about looking for a suitable artists when you need them? We, office collection, will guarantee the quality of the artists by enabling you to review the bibliography and see the video. You can directly choose the artists. These artists are those who are only reached to the certain level decided by office collection, and that is why we are confident.

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Yuriko Fukui

Grand Prize Winner for Ibraki Stundet Piano Competition (2001) Winner for Beten Piano Competition(2011) Completed Wiener Musikseminar funded by TIAA (2011) Winner of Encouragement Award for Fresh Competition by Japan-Austria culturalAssociation(2012) Completed the Summer School at Mozarteum University(2012) …

Yuya Monma

He has experinece of playing the guitar with many famous artists including Yumi Matsutouya, Chris Hart, Tomomi Kahara, Ikuzaburo Yamazaki, and etc. In addition to these, he does compose his own music, and make some arrangement of of the music and chorus.As his own band activities, he released his own CD. He also won Sapporo City Jazz Festiva…